Tell me about escape games. What is it?

It is a unique story you are to get into. You may find yourself in another epoch, country and even planet - the choice is wide. Every escape-room has its own mission -to save the world, rob the bank, discover the murder or escape from a maniac. You will have only 60 minutes to complete the mission and win the game. What do you need for this? Logics, intuition, teamwork for making puzzles and traps which are waiting for you in each game.

How many people can play?

Our rooms are for teams of 2-5 (6) players. Also you can add more players for extra charge.

How to prepare for a game?

There is no special preparation needed. You won't need a second pair of shoes or special clothes. You don't need to use any electronic devices, smart phones or internet connection, as well as any special knowledge.

Rules of playing

Don't use physical force,
Carefully treat the interior of the rooms.,
Use logics and attention,
Use tips when you don't know what to do,
Don't try to break the logics of the game.

We reserve the right to deny players If they are drunk or aggressive. Every escape-room has age limit and recommendation concerning number of players in a team.

Is it possible for children to participate in games?

Yes! We have created special kids version for many of our rooms. Children under the age of 14 may take part in escape-rooms with at least one adult or an animator in a team. The tasks in these escape-room are chosen for children of different ages. Kids rooms are safe, our assistant are watching children with video cameras and help them if necessary.

How can I book an escape-room?

Get together with your team of from 2 to 5 (6) players and choose a story which you like on the website. In the “schedule” choose a convenient time and date for a game and book it, leaving your name and phone number in a special form. Our administrators will contact to you to confirm the game, tell you the details and answer all your questions. Come to location at the appointed time, carefully listen to all instructions and start your game!

What is “holiday in escape-rooms”? May I organize a birthday party in “quest” format?

We organize different events and holidays in "quest" format for children and adults. We have a lounge rooms, animators for children, photographers, sweet-stuff, host events and the possibility to order other additional entertainment (chemical shows, soap shows, tricks, ect.) To order an even out may in section "events"

Can I buy a «quest» as a gift?

Yes, you may order a gift certificate on delivery or pick it at our locations. You may find all the details an order form is in section "quest as a gift".