Harry Porter and Room of Secrets

There is 4 important artifact hidden in the secret catacombs of the magic school Hogwarts. Only the t bravest and shrewdest of wizards are able find them. The young players will get though the catacombs and halls of the castle, will meet its secret inhabitants and even prevent Voldemort from coming! They will do all that with the help of Harry Potter, the strongest of the wizards.

Select available date and time and click to book your game. The price is for a team of 2-6 players. Extra charge for each additional player is 500 rub. For children under the age of 14 you need to take an animator. (The cost is 2000 rub.)
Game price: 7300 r

You can pay for participation in the quest in cash on the day of the game or on our website online without commission.

30 November, Wed

10:20 11:40 13:00 14:20 15:40 17:00 18:20 19:40

10 December, Sat

10:20 11:40 13:00 14:20 15:40 17:00 18:20 19:40

11 December, Sun

10:20 11:40 13:00 14:20 15:40 17:00 18:20 19:40

17 December, Sat

23 December, Fri

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