Organizing events

We can arrange your
corporate party
    • Corporate quests, teambuilding,
      parties and role-plays.
    • At any location.
    • For a company from 4 to 40 people.
What do we do?

We have already been arranging celebrations and holidays for three years and we know for sure how to organize the best party so your colleges can’t but be excited.

Individual approach

We will develop a program especially for your location, team and tastes. No typical boring contests!


Everyone at the party will participate in action- active people and those who are not so much of it. Quest tasks will help colleagues and teammates to become closer, work in a team, do their best together to achieve the same goal.

All inclusive

We will choose a host for you party, a room for a buffet at our location or not, photographers, videographers, souvenirs, and so on.


Emotions - the Joy of victory, surprise, fun, delight or fear! That is what people never forget.

What to choose?

Here you may find three basic formats of our new-year parties. We have a great variety of scenarios and variants for each of them. If you want something special, we will turn any of your ideas into reality.

Quest Corporate party

We can organize quest at your office or at any other location that you choose. At a restaurant or in the street, in the countryside, car-race quest or a performance with actors. We have 30 fully-packed scenarios from detective and mysterious stories and adventures to sport competitions.

Intellectual Branch

Bar quiz at your corporate party. 7 rounds of funny intellectual game, in which teams will compete with each other, answering questions and riddling puzzles in a format of Million Dollar Mind Game show.

Such quiz is always a lot of fun and laughter and real thrill and excitement.


This is a game where everyone has their own roles. All people involved in the quest have to make different tasks as to achieve their own aims. Thus, it’s a great possibility to everyone to show their potential and talants and turn a corporate celebtration into performance.

How everything is organized

You order an event, settle a date and time, align the budget and scenario.

We prepare corporate party, taking into consideration your every wish and informing you about every step of arrangement.

We hold your event and carefully control all the details including buffet, action, entertainment, photo and video.

After event we submit you photos and video materials and closing documents.

Energetic program of quest, branch or corporate party for 1-1,5 hour
Individual scenario
Props and scenery
Event host + 2-3 animators
Energetic program of quest, branch or corporate party for 1-1,5 hour
Individual scenario
Props and scenery
Audio and video
Gift for participants
Event host and 2-3 animators
Photographer and videographer
Photo zone
Full development of corporate style
Energetic program of quest, branch or corporate party for 1-1,5 hour
Props and scenery, tools and technically equipped location of quest
Individual scenario
Audio and video
Gift for participants
Photo zone and props
Professional event host and actors
Photographer and videographer
Bright ending
Need some help?

It’s really difficult to understand what you really want with such a wide choice. We can find the most suitable format for you and send you examples of scenarios. It is free, just leave you phone number.